Are you getting the most you can out of LinkedIn?

If you’re like 49% of users, you’re not getting everything you could out of LinkedIn, according to a study. Simply by completing your profile, including a creative headline and highlighting your skills and projects, you’ll be ahead of the game, writes Ashley LombardoClick here to read full article

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How to increase sales leads this year

“You reap what you sow” is a principle that applies in almost every area of life. But what does it have to do with content marketing?If you want your inbound content marketing efforts to pay off, you need to develop a systematic process for regularly creating and sharing resources with your prospects and customers.Click here […]


Pepsi chases cool with trendy NYC restaurant

Pepsi is launching Kola House, a 5,000-square-foot restaurant and bar that will act as a social space and consumer testing ground, in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. Chobani and Nike have set up similar spaces in trendy neighborhoods.Click to read full story

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Why Larry Page Wants To Give His Money To Elon Musk

So I read a NY Times story on Larry Page the other day.   Among other interesting things, Google’s co-founder  says that when he contemplates what to do with his $40 billion (and growing) of wealth, he prefers to eschew the standard philanthropic behemoths and hand it over to Elon Musk.Click here to full full story  

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How Twitter can stay relevant

Twitter is having a tough time.Uber-analyst Ben Thompson provides excellent analysis of its travails here: how Facebook squashed Twitter. For non-specialists, the Twitter is struggling to hold on to its widespread relevance and seems to be in an unrecoverable position compared to Facebook in terms of market share.Click here to read full story

CES 2016

Five Key Trends and What They Mean for Leaders

Last week, Spencer Stuart explored new innovations and trends at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. We hosted an exclusive reception for some of the technology industry’s senior-most executives and, during the course of the week, consultants from several of our North American practices — Automotive, Digital, Marketing Officer, Information Officer, Consumer […]